Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I'm Back

It's been two years since my last substantive post on this blog ("The Right Kind of Love Between Doctors and Patients"). I'd shifted my blogging energy to Over 65, a blog about aging issues published by the Hastings Center. My co-editors and I put that blog to rest in the spring, and I'm just now getting back to Health Care Organizational Ethics, which I started eight years ago.

If I'd been smarter I would have chosen a less wonky title, especially since over the years I've written about much more than the ethics of organizations. (Not surprisingly, the posts that got the most attention are those filed under the "Doctor-Patient Sex" tab!) But organizational ethics continues to be my central focus in ethics, so I'm sticking with the original title. My aim is to post at least weekly.

As always, I'm eager to hear thoughts and comments from readers.


Carole said...

Hello Sir,
Well I'm anxious to start reading your blog, hopefully my family and friends will join in as well...
I do have a question for you I hope it's not to nosy! You mentioned you have Medicare - my husband who is 64 and retired from the Air Force has tricare prime and as you probably well know everything must be pre-approved. So of course next year he'll have Medicare as primary and tricare as secondary the worry for pre-approval heightens more as we age. Are you happy with Medicare? And are there things back in 2004 that you didn't know then that you know now that concerns you or your unhappy with? Any changes for the better?

Jim Sabin said...

Dear Carole
I can't give you any first hand experience of Medicare. I'm still employed half time, and I've continued my employment-based insurance. Pre-approval, when it's done right, is for aspects of health care that sometimes get recommended even when they're not really the best thing to do. I direct the ethics program at a not-for-profit health plan, and I've seen these systems at work. But in general Medicare is the most popular of all health insurance programs. Congratulations to your husband on his career in the Air Force and his recent retirement. And, good luck to both of you!