Monday, November 14, 2011

Mitt Romney on the Veterans Health System

By temperament I'm an optimist, but Republican pronouncements on health care, like Mitt Romney's proposal for privatizing the Veterans Health system, challenge that stance. Paul Krugman has a powerful op ed on this latest piece of Republican disinformation in today's New York Times.

The Veterans' care system was radically reengineered in the 1990s. It now consistently outperforms the private sector on measures of quality and cost. As Krugman points out, that violates Republican theology. When facts and faith collide, something has to give. Romney isn't dumb, so the differential diagnosis is (1) faith in markets that is so strong he'll deny facts or (2) garden variety political duplicity - (i.e., expeditious lying).

(See this piece in yesterday's Daily Kos for details about the VA program and the Republican knee-jerk assault on public programs.)

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