Sunday, April 6, 2008

On the Oregon Trail

I will be in Oregon from April 7-->April 12. On Tuesday I will speak at Oregon Health Sciences University about "The Psychology and Ethics of Health Care Cost Containment: Health Care Reform in Massachusetts and Oregon." On Thursday and Friday I will be at a statewide ethics conference in Medford, focused on health care reform. On Thursday I will try to connect the argument of Setting Limits Fairly: Learning to Share Resources for Health (second edition), written with Norman Daniels, to what the folks in Oregon are trying to do. On Friday I will try to distill some lessons for Oregon from the Massachusetts experience with health care reform.

Cost containment is the major issue for both states, and for the entire U.S. I'm not at all confident about how Massachusetts is approaching costs, any more than I am about any of the presidential candidates. I expect to learn more about Oregon's plans during my stay.

If possible, I will do some postings while in Oregon, but if that doesn't work out, I'll be back online on April 14.

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